At Woodlands we offer a varied programme of activities for residents. Our weekly programme of activities include: –

  • Gardening Club,
  • Craft classes
  • Quizzes, brain training and book club
  • Exercise class
  • Art therapy
  • Coffee & Chat sessions
  • Cooking activities
  • Film afternoons
  • Bingo
  • sing a longs
  • Sensory sessions
  • Pet therapy  
  • Self-care Sunday

There is also a regular programme of entertainment and social events such as garden parties, afternoon tea in the garden, pantomimes, singers and musicians.  We encourage our residents to be involved in activities and events to increase their social interaction and mental well-being. The activities and entertainment we offer reflect the interests of our residents and we seek feedback and ask for suggestions for new activities and entertainment within our monthly resident’s meetings.

Alongside scheduled activities, we ensure that the following are always available for residents to enjoy: –

  • Magazines, Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Reminiscence materials
  • Games
  • puzzles, crossword books, cards, chess & backgammon sets
  • A wide variety of DVDs and CDs
  • Audiobooks, radio
  • Knitting and craft resources

Our extensive grounds are utilised throughout the year. In spring and summer residents spend a lot of time outdoors reading, painting, or enjoying group activities. During the colder months residents can wrap up warmly and still enjoy the gardens for relaxation or exercise.

Trips out are an important part of an active social life and residents continue to enjoy these when they move into the Woodlands. Trips are tailored to meet the interests of our residents and thorough research and risk assessments are undertaken to ensure that every resident who is able to leave the home can benefit from trips out.  Trips that residents can enjoy are visits to the theatre, museums, garden centres, cafes, restaurants, and local shopping markets.

Not all residents are comfortable joining in with group activities and some residents have restricted mobility. At Woodlands we employ a social inclusion co-ordinator who ensures that every resident can benefit from some type of activity and social interaction. The Social Inclusion Co-ordinator works to identify individuals’ activity preferences and supports them to enable their continued participation. This could include a game of chess, card games or simply a chat about current news events.

Relatives are kept informed about upcoming events and activities through our regular newsletter and are welcome to join their relative if they wish.